Crossfire Premier

Crossfire Premier

Crossfire Premier is a club based in Redmon, Washington, near Seattle. The club is dedicated to promoting football, offering professional training and development of elite players to try to promote the sport in the United States.

Crossfire is a member of the US Soccer Development Academy.  And from the National League of Elite Clubs, each represents the highest level of soccer for children (DA) and girls (ECNL) in the United States.

The mission of Crossfire Premier is to promote the soccer game by providing the highest possible level of technical and tactical training, skill development and competitive team play, and to provide highly qualified and capable players with the opportunity to excel in the sport.

Crossfire Premier has produced hundreds of players currently playing for the NCAA Universities Division I, II and III, the US National Youth Team Programs. And to follow professional careers in the European and European leagues. There really are no limits for players with Crossfire.

From the development of first-class field players to college placement and other success opportunities beyond youth soccer, Crossfire Premier remains the best path to individual and team success in the Pacific Northwest, and as the reputation of the club across the country, one of the best in the entire United States.

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