Results in Group C – ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

Krasnodar – Irlanda del Norte 0-0 Atlético de Madrid – Selección de Japón 0-1 Brondby – Irlanda del Norte 2-0 Leganés – Krasnodar 0-1 Atlético de Madrid – Brondby 0-1 Selección de Japón – Krasnodar 0-0 Brondby – Leganés 2-1 Atlético de Madrid – Irlanda del Norte 1-1 Selección de Japón – Leganés 5-0 Brondby […]

Results in Group B – ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

Sevilla – White Plains 6-0 Chelsea – Stromsgodset 4-0 Admira Wacker – White Plains 4-0 Sevilla – Alcobendas Levitt 1-0 Chelsea – Admira Wacker 3-0 Sevilla – Stromsgodset 2-0 Admira Wacker – Alcobendas Levitt 0-1 Chelsea – White Plains 7-0 Stromsgodset – Alcobendas Levitt 1-0 Sevilla – Admira Wacker 0-0 Chelsea – Alcobendas Levitt 1-0 […]

Results in Group A – ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

PSG – JEF United 2-2 Real Madrid – FC Midtylland 3-0 Sunderland – JEF United 0-2 Crossfire Premier – PSG 1-1 Real Madrid – Sunderland 6-1 PSG – Midtylland 1-2 Sunderland – Crossfire Premier 1-2 Real Madrid – JEF United 2-0 Midtjylland – Crossfire Premier 0-0 PSG – Sunderland 2-0 Real Madrid – Crossfire Premier […]

FC Nordsjaelland winner of the ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

The international tournament finished with a surprise as the Danish FC Nordsjaylland defeated british Chelsea FC in a stunning 3-0 taking last year’s Sporting de Portugal title, in a championship that brought together the best international Under 14 teams in Alcobendas, at the Valdelasfuentes sports complex.   The 2016 edition was a success regarding participating teams, the level and […]

Chelsea and Nordsjelland will play the final of the ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

Chelsea FC and FC Nordsjelland from Denmark will play the final of the international tournament ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016 played at the sports complex of Valdelasfuentes in Alcobendas. The final will take place tomorrow Sunday September 18th at 12.30, this final will determine the tournament’s champion.   The second day of the tournament started […]

Great first day of the ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

  The first day of the International tournament ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016 that is being played at the Valdelasfuentes sports complex until next Sunday September 18th, was very successful regarding the level offered on the pitch and the big crowd that attended to support the young football players.   The days started at 9 A.M. and […]

Radomir Antic: “Madrid Football Cup 2016 is much more than football”

Former coach of Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Real Zaragoza and FC Barcelona, among others, Radomir Antic, attended the first day of the international tournament ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016, to see the progress of the young players and to support this important tournament that will discover the main football players of the future.   The Serbian coach, followed […]

Success in the first day of the ARC Madrid Football Cup

This morning started at 9 A.M. a new edition of the ARC Madrid Football Cup, a tournament that brings together 24 of the best international soccer teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, PSG, Chelsea …). It is a sunny day in Alcobendas which helped with the attendance of a large number of people of different […]

Victor Fernandez, director of the Real Madrid grassroots football was at the ARC Madrid Football Cup

Victor Fernandez, the director of the Real Madrid grassroots, attended the sports city of Valdelasfuentes and made an appearance at the ARC Madrid Football Cup. He witnessed Real Madrid’s stunning 6-1 win against Sunderland and was very pleased with the result and the image that the lads showed . After the game, he also watched […]

These are the rules for the International Tournament ARC Madrid Football Cup 2016

We will review in this post how the Madrid Football Cup 2016 tournament will be played. The tournament is composed by 24 teams, divided into four groups of six clubs each. All teams will play against the other five in their group as a qualifying round. Once the qually is over, those teams ending in […]